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  • 04-07-2018
1. Warranty:
  • Anplus's warranty policy applies only to defects related to materials and workmanship. Does not apply to defects arising after purchase, or other defects due to improper use, or lack of necessary product maintenance.
  • Warranty policy is effective from the date of receipt of the product; Anplus will decide whether to repair, replace or change the product.
  • Depending on the product line, the manufacturer will have a separate warranty period from 6 months to 5 years, can be lifetime.
  • With the product liquidation, promotion, Anplus does not guarantee, only help customers maintenance.
2. Maintenance:
  • Anplus helps customers maintain the product lifetime when the failure problem does not handle itself.
  • Maintenance fees will be reported after receiving information from customers, so customers carefully review, agree before the maintenance.
  • Maintenance fees include: replacement parts costs + labor costs completed.

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