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  • 04-07-2018
1. Deposit:
  • Customers must deposit to hold goods / purchase: deposit 50%, pay the rest after receiving goods, apply for all objects.
  • Store in stock for free within 30 days: 100% full deposit, applicable to all subjects.
2. Payment:
  • Cash or transfer.
  • Pay the rest immediately after receiving the goods.
  • If the customer does not pay correctly, Anplus Co., Ltd has the right to withdraw the product and the customer can not receive the deposit.
3. Cancellation of order:
  • Customers are not refunded deposit.
  • Customers have the right to change, return some or all orders applicable to the following cases and conditions:
    •  Free shipping before pick up
      • Customers have the right to exchange goods with equivalent value, more than the offset, less money lost excess.
      • Constant / refunded products purchased during a discount, promotion or similar program.
      • The return policy does not apply to individual ordered / manufactured products.
    • Change after 30 days:
      • Swap within 30 days.
      • Switching to another product, the exchange fee is equivalent to 20% of the value of purchased products.
      • The customer will bear the shipping cost or 20% of the value of the product.
    • Pay after 30 days:
      • Return within 30 days.
      • The product is intact, not damaged, broken, broken, broken.
      • Customers change their wish to return goods, the fee equivalent to 50% of the value of purchased products.
4. Storage:
  • Customers are free storage charge for the first 30 days.
  • Before 1 week expires, customers will receive notice of goods. If customers keep stocking, Anplus will calculate 5% of the order value per month. If the customer does not receive the goods, the order is automatically canceled and customers are not refunded deposit.



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